Boys and their toys


So this one is just to vent my frustration at the very fact that I do not trust one single boy as far as I could throw them.

(Which wouldn't be very far because I'm really weak and can barely pick up an egg)

I have no faith in men.
Full stop.

And here are the reasons why...

Mostly every guy that has talked to me has a girlfriend.
And they seem to deem it morally acceptable to converse, meet and sleep with other women all whilst claiming to be in a monogamous relationship online.

They see you as a 'treat'

A 'one won't hurt' kind of rendezvous.

Even to the point where I've had newly married men who have just stepped off the plane from their sweet sweet honeymoon attempt to hit me up.

And if that doesn't justify the 'men think with their dicks' quote then I don't know what does.

It just occurs to me that if even newly weds can do quickly be sneaky behind their wives back then there is no real love and fairytales aren't true and all boys want to do is get their end away.

I have had enough.

And I'm not claiming to be innocent in all of this but I try to not label all males 'a cheat' and treat every new venture as a clean slate but it's ever increasingly becoming hard to defend them when every guy is so quick to do the dirty on their other halves!

I'm not an option, I'm not a side salad, I'm not a cheeky shot.

I'm a girl who just wants to have faith in monogamous relationships again!

Is that too much to ask?!

I feel like exposing all these males just to teach them a lesson and hope that they never do it again. But is it worth it?
Will I just be attacked instead?

I'm trying to do it for the girls here,
And help them out of petty relationships that they could do so much better in!

Rant over.

Boys suck.
Maybe I'll just marry my dog instead.

Until next time
Nic xo


  1. I don't blame you nic, but that one is out there u just gotta brush off those that are a waste. Strength nic, you have it, now use it!!!


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